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Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed below our most frequently asked questions.  Click on any of the headings you are interested in knowing the answer to.


We hope we have answered your question below, but if not, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

  • Q. Why should I purchase Natural Stone Carpet as my floor covering?

    The reasons are many. Our products are market leaders in hard flooring. Beauty, versatility, individuality and durability are inherent qualities in all our products.  Our products aid the environmental solution, not add to the problem. Our floors are a big feature of any residential or commercial environment.

  • Q. How do I clean Stone Carpet?

    Stone Carpet requires similar cleaning methods to other types of hard flooring.

    Dry vacuuming for dry soiling spot and/or wet cleaning for resistant soiling and larger areas. Please refer to the cleaning and maintenance specifications for specific recommendations.

  • Q. How resistant is Stone Carpet to damage?

    The Stone Carpet range is very durable. Though abuse and neglect will ultimately result in damage to any floor covering, including ours. Our products are successfully being used in some of the most demanding commercial applications throughout the UK and have retained their integrity and appearance over many years of use.

  • Q. Will chemical spills affect my Stone Carpet?

    Each and every stone is coated with strong epoxy resins which are very resistant to many chemicals. Normal household chemicals will not affect our products.

  • Q. Are your stone floors slippery, dry or wet?

    When dry, Stone Carpet is very slip resistant.

    It also has excellent slip resistance when wet. Even in its standard finish they exceed required slip resistance rating.

  • Q. How much does Stone Carpet cost?

    The Stone Carpet range is very competitively priced against other quality hard flooring options. Our prices include installation and are no more expensive than a reasonable quality porcelain tile. Also, you are only charged for the actual area installed. You are not paying for any wasted cuts.

    As every floor is different please contact us with your requirements and we will be pleased to give you a free quotation.

  • Q. What is the life expectancy of your floors?

    Our Products are very durable. If the simple maintenance steps are followed then your floor will last for many years. We recommend after approx 5 years, a light coat of stone Carpet resin (see us for details) be applied, which will restore the original lustre.

  • Q. Can I custom design my own floor?

    Absolutely. We can create almost any design from corporate logos to abstract works of art.

  • Q. I am asthmatic, is Stone Carpet suitable?

    If you are asthmatic, look no further. Dust mites cannot live in the floor. Also, the pores in our floors will store settled, free flying dust. This means the dust is not being stirred up into the air when the floor is walked on. The dust can then easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

  • Q. Are they suitable to be used as a shower floor?

    Stone carpet is well suited for the base of 'walk in' showers. It is non slip, can be coved and has no grout to discolour or stain. As it is continuous (without joins, cuts or grout), it is ideally suited to enhance the aesthetics of small fiddly areas.

  • Q. Are your products suitable for commercial environments?

    Stone Carpet is being used in the most demanding and classy commercial environments.  Please contact us for more details.

  • Q. How long after installation can I walk on my Stone Carpet floor?

    The floors can be walked on as soon as 7 hours after installation, this figure is dependent on room temperature and relative humidity, which will determine drying time.

  • Q. Can we use Stone Carpet outdoors?

    Yes absolutely

  • Q. When in my building project, would Stone Carpet be installed?

    We come in at the end of most building projects. After the painters and before any surrounding carpet is installed.

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