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Transform your driveways, paths, patios, car parks etc!

The resin bound stone application from Ultrastone Resins delivers a range of stunning aggregates that are permanently adhered to existing or new hard standings through the use of clear UV stable Resin binders.


Ultrastone Resins bound stone driveway installation provides an extremely durable and low maintenance surface.


The result is a beautiful natural stone surface that will completely transform the appearance of your property and provide many features and benefits to the homeowner.

Key Benefits:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. Can resin bound stone be applied to any surface?

    Provided that the existing asphalt or concrete surface is structurally sound and suitable for surface repairs then the application of resin bound stone should be fine.

  • Q. What if my existing surface is damaged?

    This is not a problem as Ultrastone Resins can undertake permanent surface repairs prior to the application of the resin bound stone.

  • Q. Can existing block paving be covered?

    Generally, due to the displacement problems with block paving, we would remove the modular blocks and replace with a solid concrete substrate which is a relatively quick and inexpensive operation.

  • Q. Will the resin bound gravel come loose?

    Following initial sweeping, you could potentially lose around 1% to 3% of the stone over its life although this small amount will not affect the integrity or performance of the surface.

  • Q. Is resin bound stone suitable for steep slopes?

    Absolutely, and the permanently fixed aggregates will provide excellent anti-skid/slip properties during the winter months.

  • Q. How long before we can re-use the driveway?

    Foot traffic should be fine after 8 hours or so following installation although we would ask that vehicles are kept off the surface overnight.

  • Q. How long will a resin bound surface last?

    This will depend on the volume of traffic driving over the bound surface. For normal domestic use, we would expect a functional life in excess of 20 years.

  • Q. Is the resin bound surface easy to clean?

    Yes, the surface can be swept or blown off like most hard standing areas. An annual pressure wash is recommended to remove the more stubborn grime and to keep the natural stone looking its best

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